Since March 16th all schools and universities are closed. On March 24th the Ministry of Education took the decision to cancel all central exams in Secondary Education. Implications of this measure have to be elaborated.

Just after the decision of closing the schools, educational publishers – together with distributors and suppliers of learning environments – took the initiative to provide all pupils with the digital material related to the (paper) learning materials already in use.

The consideration not to provide teachers and pupils with all available digital learning materials, is related to the concept of ‘zone of proximal development’: as the context in which education has to take place changes a lot, don’t bother teachers and pupils with new stuff.

A lot of effort is put in getting teachers and pupils connected in such a way that they are not only getting access to the digital learning materials, but ‘result tracking’ is possible as well.

The majority of teachers and pupils already had access to digital learning materials, so this initiative is ‘additional’.

Schools report first encouraging results on ‘distance learning’. The expected educational outcomes of this initiative and impact on all stakeholders will be discussed amongst representatives of public councils and private associations like ours to keep track of how this evolves.